The WordPress blog Truck Law is brought to you by the law firm TransporationAttorneys.NET.  TransportationAttorneys.NET is a full service Law Firm dedicated to protecting and defending trucking and logistics companies.  Most recently, the misclassification of employee drivers as Independent Contractors is exposing trucking companies to huge liability.  We regularly see flawed independent contractor, driver and owner-operator agreements.  These contracts are plagued with problems:  they are invalid, generic, borrowed, boiler plate, outdated  or simply illegal.  Don’t rely on flawed and worthless documents for protection.  Instead, rely on us to keep your Independent Contractor practices current.  We stay up to date on the laws regarding Independent Contractor/Owner-Operator truck drivers.  These laws are a complicated amalgam of Federal and State statutes and the numerous court decisions interpreting them. You can rely on us to provide you with the guidance you need to protect your company from devastating misclassification lawsuits.